Get Rid Of Those Tough Stains Like A Pro

When you look around your house, what is that you notice apart from those things lying around, out of its place? Stains! Though you can pick up the stray items and put them in their place, getting rid of those stains is a definite challenge. Especially, if you are having a party. Your house needs to be stain free before the party and hosting a number of people is bound to leave a number of stains all around the house. Though it is advisable to get the help of professional home and office cleaning services before your party or at least after, here are a few tips to help you get the situation under control, yourself.


Linen can get stained easily and sometimes repeated washing can only make the stain look dull but never make them go completely. For those tough stains, soak the material in hot water mixed with dishwashing soap. Use a good one cup of detergent and ensure the linen is submerged in the hot water completely. Leave it for a few minutes to an hour before taking them out and rinsing. For deep yellow stains, mix 1/4th cup of salt and half a cup of baking soda. Add this to a large pot of water and bring it to a boil. While the water is still hot, immerse the linen and let it stay for a while.

The deeper the stains, the longer it needs to soak. Remember to soak your stained linen in hot water. The heat is what helps to disintegrate the tough stains. If the water is not very hot, the stains take longer to wash off. Also, the linen will have to be rinsed thoroughly, as soap residue can leave brown stains when ironed. The soap chemicals can also eat away at the fibers of the cloth, making it rough and scratchy to use. Hence ensure you rinse it well. Once they are washed, press them. Table cloths and napkins, look and feel better when they are fresh and crisp. Your guests will be impressed in no time.


One of those most ignored areas but the first thing to be noticed by anyone. No one is going to be pleased with a mirror full of stains that prevents them looking at their face properly. A stain free mirror is as important as a mirror with proper lighting. Dust a damp cloth with a little baking soda and wipe the mirror. Follow it up with a clean cloth and water.

You will see the stains are removed but water/ baking soda marks remain. Use clean paper towels and wipe the residue for a shining clean mirror. Use distilled water to clean the mirror as this will prevent any hard water residue from forming on the mirror surface. Also, this water contains minerals that help in cleaning the mirror stains, better than regular water. .

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Use white or distilled vinegar for a clean mirror. Mix equal portions of vinegar and water, fill it up in a spray bottle. Now spray it like any cleaning solution and wipe away all those stains, to reveal a perfectly clean surface. Running out of cleaning products? Grab that shaving cream on the counter and spread a thin layer on the mirror. Use a soft cloth to wipe it off. This will prevent fog formation.

Newspapers are made of a different quality than regular papers or paper towels. The newspaper can absorb well and hence is a great idea to clean your mirrors with. Spray some water or cleaning solution on your mirror and wipe it away with the old newspaper. This will not leave any water marks behind. However, ensure the paper you are using is of good quality and does not leave ink marks behind.

Fill up the spray bottle with some club soda and spray it on the mirror. Wipe it away with a clean soft cloth for a grime free mirror surface. Mirrors and linens are two of the first things any guest would notice. Of course while the floors and walls are important too, they don't get stained as easily as these two. You can be rest assured of your privacy being respected and your needs being met.